Your network underpins your business’s ability to be productive and secure. Over time, network bottlenecks and vulnerabilities can build up as a business evolves, causing preventable inefficiencies and security risks that lead to downtime, underperformance, compliance issues and even financial and reputational losses.

Despite how heavily businesses rely on their network infrastructure — which comprises devices, routers, protocols, switches, network services, security measures and more — many do not assess their network thoroughly to find gaps in their security and ability to operate productively. If a network assessment is overdue, read on to find out how a network assessment can bring your business back to a safe harbour.

The Importance Of Network Assessments

You can think of your network as a pipeline system; there are nodes and pipelines between them that enable water to flow across it. Without maintenance, the pipeline starts to get leaky, operates under its capacity, and if it’s left alone for a while, it can cost increasingly more to fix. Not only this but how you build and structure the pipeline has important implications for how easily it can be expanded in the future.
So how does a network deteriorate over time? There are four key ways:

Security Vulnerabilities

As software and hardware become more outdated, this creates security vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities include unpatched systems, firewall misconfigurations, poor network segmentation, and unsecured IoT devices. Vulnerabilities can creep in as a business expands; with IT teams having to support more remote locations along with a hybrid workforce, the number and location of endpoints seemingly increase year on year

Performance Bottlenecks

Bottlenecks can emerge from outdated hardware, network congestion, insufficient bandwidth, loss of data packets, misconfigured devices, that can affect connectivity. Without network assessments, performance bottlenecks are almost guaranteed to build up over time.

Network Fragmentation

Fragmentation can slow down and even disconnect parts of your network. Fragmentation arises from inconsistent data formats and processes that slow down or prevent data transmission.

Outdated Documentation

As your business evolves and changes, an increasingly wide chasm can emerge between what your documentation says, and what your network is. Over time, this compromises your ability to achieve oversight and therefore control over your network.

By getting back to optimising the foundations, businesses can leverage their network to drive efficiency, enhance their security, and scale it seamlessly and securely as they grow. We are pleased to offer a full network assessment service that helps you to achieve these goals and more!

Introducing Our Network Assessment Service

How our network assessment service works
  • An introduction call will be arranged to get the full context of your network and how your business runs. We will walk you through the process and ensure that our service will deliver serious value to your business.
  • After we have assessed your requirements, we will then deploy a light-touch network data-capturing tool to assess your network’s performance, security and structure to derive actionable insights tailored to your business.
  • We will then craft a summary report packed with insights across your network infrastructure and send it to you for your review.
  • A no-obligation action plan will be presented to provide actionable insights for revamping your network to its full potential. You can implement it internally, get an IT provider to implement it for you, or get Spherica to implement it fully on your behalf.

And that’s it! After gaining and applying the insights from your assessment, your network will be more secure, efficient, scalable, and reliable than ever before.

Benefits of our network assessment service

The benefits of our service are just as encompassing as your network! The benefits are:

    • • Network security enhancement: Find vulnerabilities and gaps in your network security and address them to ensure that the breadth and depths of your network remain secure.
    • • Review network traffic: Find out how and where traffic is flowing across your network, enabling you to configure and tailor it for better performance.
    • • Network topology and configuration review: Your network devices, the connections between them and how they are configured, are crucial to improving its reliability, performance and scalability.
    • • Identify any potential network bottlenecks: Find any potential bottlenecks in your network, their root-causes, and find solutions for removing them.
    • • Performance evaluation: Gain insight into your networks performance and how it can be improved.
    • • Recognise high utilisation: Find out which parts of your network are being used intensively and find ways to expand their scalability for the future to avoid bottlenecks.
    • • Network inventory: Get a full up-to-date inventory of your network that can be mapped for full oversight over your current network infrastructure.
    • • Flag devices not running latest software: Find out where updates can be applied across your network to improve performance, reliability and security.
What your network assessment will include

• Network architecture review
• Identification of security and resilience gaps
• Performance evaluation
• Network traffic and performance evaluation
• Routing tables reviewed
• Investigation of live network telemetry for device health, protocol stability and errors
• Review of documentation and diagrams
• Review of network hardware to ensure all models are within vendor support

What your actionable risk report includes

• How to remove bottlenecks
• Full security and risk assessment report
• Findings of underutilised services
• Topology diagram of network and devices
• Actions to increase efficiency and optimisation
• Recommended changes and action plan

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