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Manufacturers are under pressure to respond faster than ever to changing consumer demands. The growing trend for customised products also means many manufacturers have had to quickly adapt their operations to deal with lower production runs and mass customisation. The digitalisation of operations has been key to enabling businesses to keep pace.

However, digital transformation brings with it a vast increase in the volume of data and alerts generated by IT events across the business. Managing the volume of incidents puts significant pressure on IT Operations teams and increases the risk of human error and prolonged downtime.

At Spherica, we specialise in creating IT infrastructures that relieve this pressure and minimise downtime. We transform ways of working and reduce inefficiencies by automating repetitive processes and connecting siloed systems, so productivity, collaboration and communication are improved throughout the business, making it more agile.

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The Benefits

Minimise system downtime

Unplanned downtime is one of the biggest risks for manufacturers. With our focus on automation, we enable IT Operations technicians to have better, real-time visibility of incidents. The right people are automatically informed, day or night, and actions can be automated to actively prevent outages and drastically reduce resolution times.

To protect your business and meet customer expectations, we deliver flexible, automated IT Managed Services, reducing the risk of human error and significantly improving incidents of downtime.

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Connect siloed systems

To keep pace in the digital era, businesses need to process and interpret data from across the business faster than ever. Predicting demand, managing scheduled maintenance and identifying new routes to market all require seamless visibility to data and collaboration across functions.

By connecting siloed systems and automating repetitive tasks – such as reporting, asset management, and incident responses – we enable manufacturers to harness data insights and increase productivity while reducing costs.

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Scale without the costs

Through relentless automation, we take the day-to-day pressure off overstretched IT Operations teams, so they have more time to focus on driving the business forward. Technology is at the heart of manufacturing, and we make it possible for businesses to harness the power of technology to drive growth.

It’s the fourth industrial revolution and manufacturers must embrace the change to remain competitive.

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