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In the current economic climate, Not-for-Profit and charitable organisations are under more scrutiny than ever as to how they’re spending their budgets and funding their causes. Not-for-Profits are experts at stretching the pound to ensure their causes get the best support, but this often means that investment in the latest technology is low down on the shopping list. As a result, many charitable organisations struggle to utilise the data they have to help shape their future strategy.

Our innovative automated IT services can help charities to increase productivity, reduce costs and gain better insights for future planning. We’re also able to breathe new life into legacy systems, extending the usability of outdated platforms that may be holding the organisation back.

Our mission is to improve working lives through technology. By automating mundane tasks and building an IT infrastructure that supports business growth, we can free your workforce to spend more time supporting your cause.

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The Benefits

Extend the life of legacy systems

With IT investment low on the agenda for many overstretched Not-for-Profit organisations, we can work with your legacy system to find solutions that help to automate mundane, repetitive tasks, reduce system downtime and improve usability.

Our tailored solutions help to increase productivity without the usual costs associated with scaling up. We aim to make everyone’s working day easier and your pounds go further.

Outstanding donor experiences

When every penny counts, you need to know that your systems make it easy for your supporters to complete a donation. With the right technology, we can simplify the donation process and keep systems online so you never miss a penny.

We also enable better data visibility so you have the insights you need to predict demand, deliver personalised experiences and reach more potential donors at the right time.

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Scalability and reliability

When there’s a crisis or an event that drives an influx of donors to your website, you need to know that your systems can cope. We create a scalable environment that adjusts according to demand. This means you’ll pay less overall as you only pay for increased capacity as and when you need it.

This budget-friendly approach helps you to deal with promotional cycles and ensures your systems are always available for your supporters.

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