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Intelligent Automation

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A New Dawn in Digital Innovation

Introducing Synaptek, the new Digital Innovation Division from Spherica.

Intelligent automation – or hyperautomation as it is increasingly becoming known – is the future of work. From delivering the best customer experience to attracting the best talent, intelligent automation delivers such transformative process efficiencies that it’s quickly becoming the biggest differentiator for businesses today.

This is why we decided the time was right to create a completely new division dedicated to delivering innovation through intelligent automation.

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The Synaptek vision is to supercharge the world of work though the power of technology and be a force for good in the workplace.

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Using cutting-edge technology, innovative automation services and AI, we rapidly connect people, processes and platforms to simplify work and electrify the customer experience. Synaptek is on a mission; to digitally transform businesses with intelligent, wall-to-wall workflow automation that connects systems across businesses via a single management interface.

We’re specialists in designing integrations that quickly and simply automate common business processes and improve collaboration so teams across your business can spend more time focusing on being the best they can be.


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