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Our healthcare services are under ever-increasing pressure. Technology offers huge potential to relieve this and improve the working lives of healthcare professionals. Within Healthcare, many tasks are still highly-manual and dependant on legacy systems which limit innovation and distract caregivers from the reason they signed up for the job: patient care.

By migrating outdated systems to cloud platforms and harnessing the latest technology, we can transform IT infrastructures within healthcare trusts, delivering efficiencies and a better experience all round. Repetitive tasks can be automated, reducing the pressure on understaffed departments. Patient information can be securely accessed and shared by connecting siloed systems and centralising data management. With the latest advances in AI, patients can even have access to more ‘self-care’ facilities and automated advice services, reducing footfall.

We can revolutionise how IT works for healthcare trusts, protecting the future of our amazing healthcare services.

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The Benefits

More time for patient care

Many tasks undertaken by front-line care workers could be automated to give them more time to focus on patient care. From stock management to digitalising patient notes, advances in mobile technology mean that traditional manual tasks can be completed at the click of a button while staff go about their jobs on the ward.

We can work with you to identify the best digital strategy to connect siloed systems, automate manual tasks that require little human intervention and improve the day-to-day work of healthcare professionals.

Data protection & collaboration

Due to outdated systems and practices, many healthcare facilities don’t have adequate patient data management strategies. In fact, it was only last year that NHS trusts were tasked with removing fax machines from operation – it’s hard to believe that information was still being sent via this insecure communication channel!

We deliver digital transformations that ensure data is protected and can be securely accessed and shared. We also understand that implementing significant change in a busy healthcare environment puts pressure on overstretched teams, so we focus on the end-user and support implementation to ensure staff are engaged and embrace the benefits quickly.

Better diagnosis & patient outcomes

The latest advances in AI and Machine learning are revolutionising data analysis and reducing the risk of human error in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions. This is game-changing for patient care, but there are also countless simple tasks that can be intelligently automated to relieve the pressure on overstretched doctors and nurses.

The future of work in the NHS will be heavily reliant on automation and intelligent technologies, and we can work with you to devise the best technology strategy for your facilities.

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