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From the archives

We have sent some engaging content this year packed with insightful tips and advice to help businesses in their journey towards automation success. There’s still much more to come, check out our 2021 newsletter archive.

July Newsletter 2021

In this newsletter, we shared our Automation Conversation presentation, a sharable slide deck designed to help simplify the journey to getting your automation strategy right. With so many automation technologies available, identifying the best solution to address your unique process pain points and deliver greater efficiency, better user experiences and lower costs can be a minefield. Download our editable presentation and share it with your Board today.

We were also delighted to share that we have been carbon assessed and have received our certificate from Carbon Footprint. We’re working towards reducing and offsetting our carbon emissions, so we’re not only delivering more sustainable technology solutions for our customers, but we’re also building a business that is committed to doing its part to drive change, you can read more about this here or in our newsletter.

You can also see our latest webinar recording from the first-ever Birmingham Slack Community Chapter Event! Watch the webinar in our newsletter and find out how you can join the Slack community, a great forum to share ideas and solve challenges with like-minded tech experts.


June Newsletter 2021

In this month’s newsletter, see our exciting launch news with the introduction of Qualia, the Intelligent Service Management system that sits at the core of our service.

Check out our explainer video to see how Qualia enables us to reinvent the IT Managed Service model and deliver more for customers. We have also shared our press release detailing the launch and development process of our new Service Management system which was built by our Digital Innovation Division, Synaptek.

You can also see an engaging demonstration of Qualia in action at this year’s Zenoss GalaxZ21 online exhibition.


May Newsletter 2021

This month was all about intelligent automation and we were delighted to see our iPaaS partner, Workato, deliver the first-ever Automate Conference that had over 11,000 people sign up.

Read our latest blog, ‘How intelligent automation revolutionises HR processes’, which details how process automation transforms employee lifecycle management to improve employee experiences, remove mundane, repetitive service desk tasks and reduce IT service costs. There’s also a short Doodly explainer video. Watch now to find out more!


April Newsletter 2021

In this newsletter, we announced that we were sponsoring and attending Zenoss’ GalaxZ21 AIOps and IT monitoring event of the year. You can view our video presentation here, where you’ll see Karl Nicholson, the CIO of our Digital Innovation Division Synaptek, presenting something exciting – ‘A revolution in IT managed Services’.

We also shared our latest whitepaper, ‘Why we need to stop talking about automation’ – which may be surprising to hear an Automation-First IT Managed Service Provider say, but there’s a very good reason!

Download the newsletter to see the whitepaper and find out why we think businesses need to change their automation conversation.


March Newsletter 2021

Download this newsletter to receive your free Automation Success Kit! This ten-step guide provides an insightful number of tips and advice to help you in your journey towards automation success. Discover how you can rapidly transform your operations to optimise productivity and enhance the experience of your customers. Download the newsletter today to receive your automation roadmap.

We also attended the UK Digital Enterprise Virtual Festival! You can watch Karl Nicholson, the CIO of our digital Innovation Division Synaptek, present an engaging session, Your Automation Strategy: Beyond RPA’. Watch the webinar here.


February Newsletter 2021

Check out our blog post in January’s newsletter, ‘It’s time to stop debating and start automating’.

The blog discusses how the pandemic caused some businesses to seek a rapid digital transformation, but implementing at pace can have its pitfalls. Read the blog to see how these risks can be mitigated with the right automation strategy.

We also presented at the AIOps Perspectives online Summit. You can watch the recording now which features Karl Nicholson, CIO of our Digital Innovation Division and Trent Fitz from Zenoss, a leading AIOps provider, to discuss what’s driving the rapid rise of AIOps.

Download the newsletter now to read the full blog and view our presentation.


January Newsletter 2021

This month, we were excited to share our engaging webinar, ‘Your automation strategy: Beyond RPA’, which was presented at this year’s Digital Enterprise Festival.

See Karl Nicholson, the CIO of our Digital Innovation Division Synaptek, discuss why we need to change the automation conversation in order to avoid costly investment in the wrong solutions.

Download our newsletter to check out the video and see our blog, ‘Simplifying the automation conversation’.