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We are ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 Certified

Spherica is proud to have been awarded certification to ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 by UKAS via Alcumus ISOQAR.

These certifications recognise the high standards of quality and information security we achieve through effective management systems. We pride ourselves on delivering the best services possible, and we’re able to demonstrate this with certification from the best-known international standards.

What is ISO?

The International Organization for Standardization was founded in 1947 and is a standard-setting organisation made up of experts from around the world. They set world-class specification standards to ensure the safety and efficiency of products and services.

The ISO 9000 family is the world’s best-known quality management standard.

Information Security Management for any kind of digital information.

What ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 means for our customers

At the heart of these standards is a commitment to putting customers first, and this is something we live and breathe as a business. By achieving these certifications you can rest assured that we deliver consistently high-quality services and meet industry best practises for controlling risks and driving continual improvement.

Meeting the standards

We have worked very hard to develop an integrated quality and information security management system by implementing clearly defined policies and procedures that enable us to maintain high standards across the organisation, as well as demonstrating our commitment to continual improvement and development.

To achieve compliance with these standards, Spherica underwent an evaluation process that included quality management system development, information security management system expansion, documentation reviews, audit and assessment.

We worked with Alcumus ISOQAR to undertake the audit and provide certification to the standard as an independent third party specialist. Therefore, providing you with the assurance that our commitment to quality and information security clearly runs through our business.

We're Cyber Essentials PLUS certified too

We have also achieved Cyber Essentials Plus certification, which involves an independent assessment to verify that Spherica has implemented the required technical security controls. Cyber Essentials is a scheme developed by the UK Government that requires an organisation to have a number of technical and procedural controls in place to improve information security and mitigate against the risk of cyber-attacks.

Cyber Essentials PLUS is a certification that is awarded to organisations when the evidence provided in the basic Cyber Essentials self-assessment is audited through a series of vulnerability tests. This additional certification provides reassurance to our customers that we have effective cybersecurity measures in place.


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