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Banks and financial institutions that embrace innovation and adopt new technologies have unprecedented opportunities to enhance their services and drive customer loyalty. In fact, Deloitte research found consumers “expect their banks to act and interact more like top technology brands”, so it’s essential for banks to be early adopters of the latest technology.

Consumers want to do banking how and where they prefer, 24/7, and they want to know it’s completely secure. So secure accessibility and customer experience are the competitive battlegrounds for Financial Service companies.

With the success of new digital players, like Monzo, which promises a bank that’s “built for the way we live today”, more traditional businesses need to take note and invest in their digital capabilities to ensure they can offer always-on services, and be more agile and responsive to changing consumer behaviours. That’s exactly what we enable.

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The Benefits are clear

Secure, downtime free services

IT outages at banks have been big news in recent years, leaving customers unable to access their money or pay bills. The issues have been put down, in part, to short-sightedness in the planning of digital transformations. In an industry where downtime creates critical issues that impact both its customers and share price, watertight IT strategies are essential.

We’re security and automation experts, so we can help you to protect your financial organisation with the right technology strategy and services. We understand what is needed to future proof your IT Operations, whether it’s automating incident management to reduce downtime, or extending the life of legacy systems.

Better customer interactions

We work with best-of-breed software vendors to create an IT infrastructure that ensures your customer gets the best, most tailored experience, no matter how they interact with your business.

Our focus on connectivity and automation enables your customer service teams to have a full 360-degree view of the customer so that every interaction can be personalised to them. We also deliver automated customer support services so that customers can get in touch whenever they need to, 24 hours a day. Delivering always-available, personalised customer support is essential to meeting consumer expectations and driving customer loyalty.


Better data insights

Banks and financial institutions are awash with data and are required by regulatory bodies to store it for many years. Our innovative automated IT services deliver an IT infrastructure that harnesses the power of the Cloud to centralise data storage and automate the analysis of vast volumes of information.

This “Big Data” management enables financial institutions to gain invaluable insights that will help to shape strategic decisions. By better understanding customers’ needs, behaviours and journies to purchase, businesses can tailor their products, services and experiences to add the most value.


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