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As so many business operations and processes are now dependent on technology, the role of IT has changed. IT needs to be central to business strategy in order for businesses to remain competitive. This is why we’ve developed a disruptive approach to IT Managed Services that enables you to put IT at the heart of your business. With IT investment aligned with your strategic goals, you can increase productivity, reduce cost inefficiencies and enable better ways of working throughout your business.

We design, implement and manage as much or as little of your IT infrastructure as you need, providing the most secure, stable and fit-for-the-future IT operations.

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Our suite of Managed Services

Virtual CIO

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We provide a Virtual CIO service to enable your business to put technology at the heart of your strategy. Our deep understanding of how technology can enhance the performance of businesses
in any industry enables us to tailor solutions to meet each customer’s unique requirements.
By immersing ourselves in your environment and culture, we deliver expert consultancy services
that align IT solutions with your strategic goals and end-user needs.

IT Strategy & Vision
Digital transformation
Disaster planning
Roadmap planning
Project management
Supplier management
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Core Technology

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We work with best-of-breed technology partners to deliver IT infrastructures that ensure your business is fit for the future. We have vast experience in migrating a variety of businesses to cloud technology stacks that make the business more efficient than ever. From SD-WAN to Azure migration, and everything in between, we make digital transformation easy for your business.

Network Infrastructure
IaaS, PaaS, IPaaS
Cloud migration
Office 365 & Azure
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Automated IT Service

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Our highly-rated support services are tailored to your needs. We deliver fast and efficient issue resolutions and task our technical teams with automating IT processes wherever possible in order to minimise downtime, actively prevent outages and deliver great customer experiences. With technical engineering excellence and an innovative DevOps approach, we deliver automated IT services that drive process efficiencies, reduce cost inefficiencies and improve the working environment. We’re proud to see our commitment to our customers recognised in our HappySignals NPS score of +86, far above the industry benchmark of +61.

Relentless automation
Patch management
Customer experience
24/7 critical support
Tech Hub
+86 NPS
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Cyber Security

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As businesses become more and more reliant on technology across every function, protecting against the threat of a cyber attack is more important than ever before. We provide the calibre of support and guidance needed to keep your business safe in today’s digital world. Our security services include proactive monitoring and alerting on your systems to prevent data breaches and to actively protect against cyberattacks, safeguarding your IT infrastructure in full compliance with the latest legislation.

Identity management
Endpoint protection
Security audit
Network monitoring
Cyber essentials
IPS/IDS & Vulnerability assessment
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Intelligent Workflow Automation

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Synaptek, our Digital Innovation Division, delivers intelligent workflow automation solutions that drive innovation and agility by connecting people, platforms and processes across businesses. Synaptek was created to bring the benefits of game-changing technologies such as RPA, IPA, Bots, AI and NLU to bear in a production environment. The team works closely with Spherica’s onsite teams, forming a true “DevOps” collaboration.

Automated NOC
Platform integration
AI & Machine Learning
Disruptive technology
Intelligent Process Automation (IPA)
Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
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Just like the transformational benefits that Cloud technology has delivered to businesses, software-defined WAN securely and intelligently directs traffic across your network. This is critical to increasing productivity, reducing IT costs and improving the customer experience.

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