Social Responsibility

We care about our people, our community and our environment

Spherica is a responsible and progressive business and we take social responsibility seriously, providing a working environment that treats employees, customers and suppliers fairly. We also support local community initiatives and we are environmentally conscious wherever possible.

Our Social Values

At Spherica, we pride ourselves on leading a responsible business by ensuring that we follow transparent, sustainable and ethical processes.

We have worked hard to develop a strong, empathetic company culture and we’ve built a team that respects and care for each other, our customers and anyone we do business with. We also care about the difference we can make in our community and the wider world.

By demonstrating our passion and commitment to providing better ways of working, we are proud to have been awarded ISO 27001 and ISO 9001. These widely recognised UKAS certifications demonstrate our commitment to delivering high standards of quality and information security and better services for our employees and customers.

As well as focussing on delivering outstanding services, we’re also striving to reduce our carbon footprint. We have been carbon assessed and are developing strategic business plans to help lower our carbon emissions and align with the Government’s Net-Zero strategy.

Our social value principles focus on three core areas:

  • People

  • Community

  • Environment



At Spherica, we value and respect diversity in the workplace. We demonstrate a fair recruitment policy, employing people from all backgrounds with a vast range of skills and interests.

Free from Discrimination

Our workplace is free from unlawful or unfair discrimination complying with our equality and diversity policy. We are committed to ensuring that our employees work in a safe, inclusive and fair environment at all times.

Equal Opportunities

We promote equal opportunities by pushing development, career advancements and training to support all employees in their journey at Spherica.


Spherica is passionate about supporting our local community and investing in putting Birmingham firmly on the global technology map.

We are Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce Members so support local events and share our knowledge and experience within this community. We’re also engaging with various other local initiatives designed to inspire and support the next generation into careers in technology. We have also been working with the Princes’ Trust to develop roles for young people.

Where possible, we use suppliers that are local to our customers’ businesses, such as local courier services, to provide the most cost-effective solutions and support localisation.

We’re proud to support:

  • Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce
  • Birmingham Tech’s Inspire series
  • Representatives of the Slack Community
  • Aston University’s AstonHack
  • Birmingham University’s Open Hack 


We want to do what we can to support a greener, more sustainable future. Social responsibility is part of our identity and we continuously strive to ensure that we’re actively promoting this amongst our colleagues, partners and customers. We’re delighted to have received carbon assessed certification from Carbon Footprint and are working towards reducing and offsetting our carbon emissions. You can check out our Environmental Policy here.


At Spherica, we ensure that we follow sustainable methods of disposal of hardware and we are as paperless as possible.

Delivering Cloud-first services

We embed more efficient and sustainable IT operations within both our customers’ businesses and our own business, through our cloud-first and automation-first services. We also use an energy-efficient shared data centre rather than hosting in-house, reducing our own carbon footprint.

Reducing our environmental impact

Where possible, we have always supported flexible location working practices, including home-based or client-based, thus reducing the environmental impact of our workforce. We use a shared serviced office as our base, which is environmentally efficient as we only utilise it when required. We also encourage and monitor the use of greener modes of transport, such as trains, for business travel.

Last Christmas, we didn't just decorate the tree...

We invested our Christmas budget into planting a forest of trees to help lessen our impact on the world around us, but we don’t plan on stopping there.

We’re committed to planting more forests for our environment and will continue to do so for the foreseeable.

We are delighted to be supporting such a great initiative, you can find out more about More:Trees here.


Doing all we can

We’re immensely proud of the people-first culture we’ve continued to nurture at Spherica; an essential part of this is ensuring we have the right support in place to protect the health and wellbeing of our employees.

Mental Health Awareness Training

Of particular focus for us at the moment is how we ensure our employees know where to turn to for any mental wellbeing support they may need, especially during what has been an incredibly challenging time for everyone. We were delighted to be able to send delegates from both Spherica and Synaptek, our Digital Innovation Division, to partake in Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England’s training course.

This helps us ensure that we stay true to our commitment where colleagues are free to talk about mental health and have the right support network in place with our dedicated and #MHFA certified Mental Health First Aiders.

Wellness Hub

We have other additional support processes in place to help promote wellbeing inside and outside of the workplace, including a ‘Wellness Hub’, a space to seek new health and wellbeing resources, including meditation and mindfulness, yoga, workouts and more.

Internal Resources

Furthermore, we also offer internal resources to encourage employees to reach out, take regular breaks, and even automated birthday notifications to ensure all colleagues remain connected whilst offering a flexible and remote working policy.


We are proud to have been awarded ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 by UKAS via Alcumus ISOQAR.


The ISO 9000 family is the world’s best-known quality management standard.


Information Security Management for any kind of information.

What do these Certifications mean for Spherica?

These certifications recognise the high standards of quality and information security we achieve through effective management systems.

This means that we can pride ourselves on delivering the best services possible for both our customers and employees.

To read more about ISO 9001 and ISO 27001, visit our certifications page here.