Jordan Pickford has just saved the last penalty of the shoot-outs, everyone is singing Baddiel and Skinner’s, ‘It’s Coming Home’ at the top of their voice, drinks are flying everywhere, and you get that phone call….

But unlike last time, everything is going to be okay because you read our last blog and decided that Out of Hours Support was the answer! But what happened next after you made this business-changing decision?

To be confident that you have the most suitable support in place, we recommend that you consider the following:

Assess Your Needs

Selecting a trusted IT provider can be hard. There are a myriad of IT Specialists providing a whole array of services. The Tier 1 providers can come with inflexible service options that might not be a good fit for your business with possible obligations to utilise their chosen technology. Smaller organisations might not have the resources to provide a true 24x7x365 support service, so it’s important to check that there is a fit between your organisation and the supplier.

It’s also important to select an IT support provider with a proven track record, relevant expertise and flexible support plans. Ensure they have the resources to offer 24×7 support and have robust processes and an incident response protocol.

Establish Clear Protocols

Work with your IT support provider to establish clear protocols for out-of-hours incidents. Define the escalation process, communication channels and response times to ensure seamless support.

Regular Review and Feedback

Regularly review the performance of your out-of-hours IT support and provide feedback to your chosen IT provider. Continuous improvement is key to maintaining high service standards and addressing any emerging needs.

Spherica's Out of Hours Support

We have a number of options to provide Out of Hours Support, covering Service Desks, Infrastructure Support, Network and Security, all of which can be fully tailored service based on individual business requirements and needs. Our technical experts operate 24x7x365 and are an invaluable extension to our customers’ Teams.

Invest today and never be disturbed during any major sporting event again!

If you would like to find out more about our Out of Hours Support, please don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more.