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IT needs to be at the heart of business

We’re delighted to announce a disruptive brand repositioning strategy that reflects our evolution into a “next generation” automated IT services company. Read more in this engaging press release.


Birmingham, England DATE: 11th March 2020

Spherica Business Solutions, an innovative IT Managed Services company, today released details of a disruptive brand repositioning strategy that’s been driven by the recent success of its automated IT services.

Spherica made the decision to evaluate its brand proposition following several significant contract acquisitions that were won because of its ability to deliver significant value quickly. As a relatively small player in the Managed Services space, Spherica was able to gain a competitive advantage by demonstrating an innovative DevOps led approach that drastically improves the productivity and cost-effectiveness of its clients’ IT operations.

Spherica’s Managing Director, Steve Jennings, explains, “Following more than a decade working side-by-side with clients to transform their IT infrastructures, we’ve been privy to the challenges businesses face in the ever-evolving digital economy. Organisations need to be more agile than ever before in order to remain competitive, and the role of IT service providers is to enable innovation and facilitate change at pace.”

“However, traditional IT operations involve highly manual processes which are resource-heavy and costly to scale up. As technology is now central to so many business operations, the pressure on IT personnel is ever-increasing, limiting their ability to devote any time to service improvement and innovation. Instead of driving the business forward, IT can hold it back. We’re determined to break this mould for our customers by delivering automated IT services that address common pain points and enable real business growth.”

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Relentless automation and the future of work

As the new decade approached, Spherica evaluated its direction and decided to reposition its offering in order to better explain how it’s uniquely placed to redress the challenges businesses face today. The new proposition clearly defines how Spherica’s DevOps led “next generation” IT services relieve the pressure on overstretched in-house IT teams through a strategy of relentless automation.

DevOps led automation brings together people, processes and technology to enable service improvements and innovation to be delivered faster than ever before. DevOps isn’t a tool or software; it’s a change in the way things are done that enables continuous improvement.

Jennings explains, “We’ve always been a naturally curious business so we’re passionate about challenging the status quo through disruptive technology. Our agile business model enabled us to evolve our service proposition quickly to focus on automation services that remove the inefficiencies of manual processes. We achieve this by embedding DevOps personnel within our service teams to enable us to continually identify opportunities to increase productivity, reduce costs and limit the risk of system downtime. After proving the success of our approach with some high-profile projects, we decided the time was right to relaunch our brand proposition, to better align it with the services we deliver.”

Doing things differently

Spherica has already demonstrated its progressive approach to business with the launch last year of its Digital Innovation Division, Synaptek. This new division brings to market intelligent workflow automation solutions that move innovation outside of IT and into key lines of business. Synaptek was created to provide a dedicated resource that harnesses the power of disruptive technologies – such as RPA, AI, Bots and machine learning – to drive competitive advantage. The collaboration between the two brands delivers an impressive suite of services that enable businesses to quickly adapt to the future of work.

Spherica now plans to showcase its innovative IT services proposition to the wider market with a new website, www.spherica.co.uk, a visual identity refresh and a new company strapline, “Putting IT at the heart of business”. This epitomises the innovative work Spherica delivers and exemplifies the company’s commitment to using technology to meet customers’ strategic goals and future-proof their operations.

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