"The future of work consists of learning a living"

Marshal McLuhan, Canadian Scholar

The last two decades have brought unprecedented change, and technology has evolved into so many aspects of our daily lives. Whether we’re asking Alexa to play us a tune, using our phone’s weather app to avoid a downpour, or marvelling at how our social media is filled with ads for things we were just chatting about. We’re embracing new technology every day, often without even realising it! We’ve quickly changed the habits of a lifetime because we’ve seen the benefits technology brings to our everyday lives.

This is exactly the approach we need to be taking to technology in our working lives, too. We need to continually learn and embrace advances in technology to improve our working lives.

People First

Before we get into the details of this on-demand webinar, let’s firstly address the elephant in the room. The future of work isn’t about ‘the robots taking all our jobs’. The reality is that advances in automation and AI are designed to make our lives easier. In the words of Professor Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, “these new technologies are first and foremost tools made by people for people”.

Through the power of technology, our workforce can move on from task-based roles to skill-based roles. Overall this will help businesses to innovate and move forward at speed. And we need to inform and engage our employees in the benefits that advances in technology can deliver. This is to make sure any digital transformation is successful and avoid the friction and fear of change.

Humans are still the most valuable business asset. Technology complements the work we do by automating mundane, repetitive tasks and making collaboration easier than ever. With the right technology strategy in place, we’ll all have more time to focus on making a positive impact using skills that robots can’t replicate, like our imagination, emotional intelligence, determination and compassion. Best of all, advances in technology mean we may even have some more time to breathe in our working day! This is the future of work that benefits everyone.

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In this engaging 45-minute session, we delve into the factors driving the future of work, including:

The Consumer-led era

Today’s consumers are more digitally savvy than ever before. The likes of Amazon and Uber have shaped consumers which expect fast, personalised experiences which require no human interaction. Our expectations are high, and businesses need to meet them or risk falling off the face of the earth. Just like so many long-established brands that we’ve seen disappear in recent years.

Not only this, but the customer journey and decision to buy is no longer controlled by businesses. Instead, consumers turn to influencers, peer reviews and the wealth of information they have available to decide what to buy. To have a fighting chance in this new battleground, customer experience is everything. Businesses have to fundamentally change how they work to keep delivering the best experiences. From how they communicate and interact with customers, to how they deliver services 24/7/365. The ones doing it well are the early adopters of a technology-first approach to business.

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