Did you know that IT could solve many of the business challenges you face in the travel and transport sector? In fact, as the industry is rapidly expanding, technology is becoming increasingly fundamental. Not convinced? Read on to discover how IT can benefit two foundational aspects of your transport business.


Let’s face it, no one likes delays. Running a business in the transport sector means that your customers are always in a rush. Your business’ success relies on your ability to keep your customers moving. In the modern world, journeys are increasingly reliant on digital technology. When your IT systems experience unexpected downtime it affects all your key operations, including your scheduling abilities, and capacity to serve customers. You can’t afford to risk the monetary and reputational damage this could cost you.

Spherica uses an intelligent service management platform which ensures that your business has the correct alerts and processes established to get your systems back online efficiently. Furthermore, we can help prevent major disruptions to your service, by using AI and machine learning to catch problems before they wreak havoc. Thanks to our automation-first approach, your customers will never be left stranded.

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The wheels on the bus go round and round…and round…and round. That’s how boring it can feel when you assign simple, repetitive tasks to your valued team members. Not to mention the waste of time and resources. Using technology to automate these tasks can make your business more productive, consistent and cost-efficient. It also frees your team to work on more important tasks. Everyone wants to be challenged, so this will help your employee satisfaction and retention rate.

So, what sort of processes can be automated? For starters, employee lifecycle and HR processes. Tasks such as license deactivation and access removal need to happen almost constantly within the transport sector. Automating these services makes them vastly more efficient. Spherica’s automation-first approach doesn’t just save you time and money, it reduces human error and minimises hassle. Spherica can also help you to automate incident management processes to avoid service disruption. This benefits both your productivity and reliability, helping you to ensure that you can provide a consistent and excellent service.

Does this sound appealing?

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