Spherica announces 36% growth and the launch of a unique Intelligent Service Management system designed to deliver exceptional end-user experiences and reduce the ongoing cost of IT, through business-changing IT automation.

Birmingham, England DATE:  May 2021

Spherica Business Solutions, an automation-first IT Managed Service provider, reports projected annual growth of 36% and today announces the launch of Qualia, an innovative Intelligent Service Management system. Qualia is a custom-built platform that utilises the latest technology to enable Spherica to deliver ultra-efficient, business-changing IT services.

Spherica has developed an industry-disrupting service proposition based on a commitment to reduce the cost of IT services over time, through its “relentless automation” approach.

It has been delivering this service commitment by embedding DevOps engineers within its service delivery teams to integrate siloed systems and automate repetitive processes. It has now taken this automation-first ethos to the next level with the development of the revolutionary Qualia platform, which will enable its teams to accelerate the speed and consistency of the services they deliver, transforming productivity, reducing risk and maximising the value of its customers’ IT investments.

Steve Jennings, Managing Director at Spherica, explains, “Our automation-first approach has been central to the accelerated growth we’ve experienced over the last 12 months, and we’re proud to have increased our workforce three-fold during the pandemic. The launch of Qualia marks a significant evolution of our service offering that demonstrates our commitment to staying ahead of the curve in IT service delivery. The timing of the development has meant we can respond faster and more cost-efficiently than ever to the challenges created for customers by Covid-19.”

Turning IT services from reactive to proactive

Qualia has been developed by the talented engineers in Spherica’s Digital Innovation Division, Synaptek. They worked tirelessly during lockdown to design a system that ensures Spherica can support its customers with better, faster and more robust IT services, which is vital in these challenging and unpredictable times.

Combining powerful platform integration with advanced AI, Machine Learning and Intelligent Process Automation, Qualia reduces human touch-points and simplifies the complexity in modern IT environments, enabling IT operations to be more proactive than reactive.

It ensures optimal IT service health by automatically troubleshooting, diagnosing and fixing issues to reduce costly system downtime and deliver more responsive and consistent end-user experiences. Common requests that consume valuable IT resources, such as software installs and password resets, are automated, significantly reducing repetitive, manual tasks and the costs of service delivery.

Jennings explains, “Traditional IT operations involve highly manual processes which are resource-heavy and costly to scale. Couple this with the velocity of change that has been driven by the pandemic, and IT personnel are under ever-increasing pressure to deliver more digital services with the same (or fewer) resources. This creates an unsustainable operating model that puts businesses at risk of prolonged, revenue-affecting system outages. This is why we’ve invested in developing an automation-first service proposition that fundamentally changes the IT Managed Services model.”

“As many of our clients run front line services, such as rail operators and retailers, the pandemic accelerated the urgency with which we needed to enhance our automation proposition to meet their need to increase productivity while reducing costs. Qualia is central to our automation-first vision as it enables us to uniquely fuse people, technology and automation to deliver next-generation services that require fewer IT resources. This means we deliver service excellence by addressing common pain points, streamlining processes and facilitating rapid growth.”

Qualia: The measurement of experience

Qualia is a revolution in IT service management that enables Spherica to deliver new levels of speed, agility, consistency and predictability in the services it delivers, ensuring its customers’ technology strategies meet their long-term business goals.

Spherica has been able to devote valuable resource to the development of Qualia because it had the foresight to create Synaptek, its Digital Innovation Division, back in early 2019. Synaptek provides resources dedicated to harnessing the power of the latest technology to improve ways of working.

Synaptek’s CIO, Karl Nicholson, who spearheaded the development of Qualia, explains, “We developed Qualia because there is an urgent need to address the challenges that plague IT Ops teams and increase risks to business continuity. The name Qualia was chosen by the Synaptek team because it means the measure of experience, and that is what Qualia delivers – exceptional end-user experiences. Qualia takes the heavy lifting out of IT Ops so that talented engineers can focus on service improvements and more complex tasks that require human input. It also comes with a suite of pre-built automations that means processes can be transformed from day one, and unlike many automation solutions available, Qualia continually learns and improves so that services are always evolving.”

Steve Jennings concludes, “Whether customers fully outsource their IT operations or complement in-house resources, Qualia enables our team to deliver significant benefits to customers from the outset. We’re excited to support the recovery of more businesses and continue to meet our growth targets with this service evolution.”

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