Synaptek and Spherica join forces to deliver a game-changing “Think Automation Series” to help businesses define a successful automation strategy.

Birmingham, England DATE: 23rd April 2020

Synaptek and its parent company, Spherica, today announced a collaborative #ThinkAutomationSeries that aims to demonstrate how automation can accelerate the recovery of businesses and better protect them in the future.

Synaptek, the Intelligent Automation specialists, and Spherica, a next-generation IT Managed Service provider, will share their insight and successful use-cases in a series of webinars, blogs and white papers that define the opportunities automation enables for businesses and workforces alike. They are also offering an exclusive, free Automation Starter Pack to guide businesses on their automation journey.

Think Automation

The benefits of automation had been much-hyped before we faced the current crisis. However, many businesses have not yet developed an automation strategy and the impact of the rapid adoption of large-scale remote working has exposed gaps in many business continuity plans, which automation could quickly address. Together, Spherica and Synaptek aim to make it easier for businesses to implement a successful automation strategy.

Steve Jennings, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Spherica, explains, “Following more than a decade working side-by-side with clients to transform their IT, we’ve been privy to the challenges businesses face in the ever-evolving digital economy. The agility of many businesses is constrained by manual processes, siloed systems and disjointed working practices, but we never imagined that these issues would be brought into such sharp focus by the COVID-19 crisis.”

Karl Nicholson, CIO at Synaptek, continues, “What we’ve witnessed in recent weeks has cemented our mission to help more businesses quickly implement automation strategies that improve their agility and better prepare them to respond to opportunities and threats. We want to create a more connected and automated world of work that ensures businesses have the right platform integrations and efficient processes in place to continue to run under almost any circumstances.”

The “Think Automation” campaign launches with a webinar, which has been affectionately christened as a “couch-cast” and will be held at 11am BST on Thursday 7th May. This engaging session, “Putting automation at the heart of business”, will provide attendees with invaluable insights and the Automation Starter Pack to get them moving quickly.

Getting the strategy right

The strength of any business hinges on its ability to continue working and be productive under any circumstances and the current pandemic has highlighted where many organisations need to implement changes to be more resilient and adaptable.

However, these two innovative service providers are quick to highlight that you shouldn’t just automate for automation’s sake! Defining your goals, aligning these to your business and workforce needs, and choosing the right systems and integrations is key to success. Automation is all about improving productivity, removing barriers to agility and enhancing the user experience – so if an automation project won’t deliver on these, it probably isn’t worth doing. This is where the collective expertise of Spherica and Synaptek come into their own.

The two businesses offer a unique proposition:

– Spherica delivers IT Managed support, infrastructure design and services that transform the efficiency and productivity of IT operations. Spherica employs the development resource and disruptive technology expertise of Synaptek’s DevOps engineers to integrate systems and automate IT tasks that are usually highly manual, slow and error-prone. This approach allows Spherica to provide the most cost-effective, scalable IT services that enable businesses to grow without the usual increases in IT resource. This DevOps approach reduces the workload and risk for IT personnel and puts the technology to work instead. This frees IT teams to spend more time on service improvements, business transformation and innovation.

– Synaptek’s innovative proposition extends the benefits of platform integration and process automation outside of the IT department and into every line of business. Through intelligent automation and the clever use of disruptive technologies, like AI, ML, RPA and bots, Synaptek integrates platforms, processes and people across businesses. By connecting disparate data points and automating actions throughout organisations, its clients very quickly reap the benefits of better data insights, improved collaboration and increases in productivity. Synaptek works with business and IT leaders to put automation at the heart of a client’s business strategy.

A partnership of people and process automation

Enhancing the competitiveness of businesses requires a partnership between technology and people to deliver better ways of working. Intelligent automation not only reduces mundane, repetitive tasks to free employees up for more engaging work, but it also delivers solutions to common business issues that would otherwise be slow to address or at risk of human error. This could be anything from upscaling server capacity to meet unexpected demand, to automating employee onboarding processes to attract and keep the best talent. Automation delivers many competitive advantages, vastly improves employee and customer experiences and increases the speed with which businesses can respond to change.

Nicholson continues, “We’re mindful of the uncertainty businesses and workers are currently facing, and we want to allay fears that intelligent automation will create more unemployment. The opposite should be true. The most successful automation technologies in history have not been designed to replace humans; instead, they’re developed to make work easier so we can shift our focus to tasks that require more strategic thinking, empathy and emotional intelligence. And hopefully a better work-life balance to boot!”

Nicholson adds, “What we’re sure will change as we emerge from this unprecedented period is how we work. A more automated future will require continuous learning and upskilling of staff to enable them to embrace new technology. The move to remote working we’ve been forced into in recent weeks has already started this journey for many workforces so we’re keen to harness the opportunity to cement new, more collaborative ways of working.”

Nicholson concludes, “We’re confident that the right automation strategy offers an opportunity to aid recovery and better protect businesses and their staff in the future. We aim to enable businesses to become stronger and more efficient and this Think Automation series will share the stepping-stones to developing the most effective automation strategy.”

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