We have used Slack as our main collaboration tool for some time now and the results have been excellent.

Recently, we attended the Slack Frontiers conference, which gave us the chance to interact with other users, share our experiences with them and learn a few things from the experiences of other users, too.

The conference was a little different from what most IT conferences offer. It did not entail too much IT information. Instead, it focused on the benefits of using Slack and how it can improve the performance of a team.

There were plenty of great speakers who explained its uses, best practice and the benefits to organisations and users – including Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield, and April Underwood, Slack chief product officer.

As a user-centric company ourselves, this was invaluable.

Slack is a collaboration hub, which helps organisations foster communication between the right people. It avails all the necessary information and tools to complete a task.

Slack was established in 2013 and it is one of the fastest growing business applications worldwide. Millions of organisations in all parts of the world use it to improve communications between members of their teams. This improves their productivity and efficiency at work.

At least 500,000 organisations are currently using Slack.

But what did we learn?

We learnt that Fox Sports in the United States used Slack for collaboration in the 2018 World Cup. In just 90 seconds, Fox could record events in the stadium, get it approved by their team in the United States, and post it on Twitter.

Even though Slack has offices all over the world, they all work towards the same goal. It allows users to connect your business conversations with the available tools and services. It has a robust API and more than 1,000 apps, helping you to streamline your operations and automate certain tasks.

As companies become mobile, the workplace becomes increasingly dispersed. It is, therefore, important to have a trusted mode of communication and to bind the entire office. At Spherica, we have found Slack to be that tool. We use it for managing staff schedules, holiday bookings, server monitoring alerts, and much, much more.

We learned that internal emails, quite often, may not be effective. This is because a lot of them are not read. Slack helps to take care of that problem.

We believe that there is always room for improvement so we set new targets regularly. This is one of the reasons why we attended the conference. IT is our passion. We take care of your IT problems while you go on with the normal operations of your business.

We encourage anyone that has any questions about Slack to contact us today for help. We’ll be glad to provide you with the answers you need with them offering greater speed, safety and security.

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