*WARNING: This video is not suitable for children or adults with an aversion to tight Lycra and hammy acting!*

Tech Hubs steal the show!

In early 2022, we were named finalists in the prestigious Service Desk Institute Awards (SDI) for Best Managed Service Provider. This fantastic accolade was in recognition of how we’re making a difference in our industry and delivering best-in-class services to our customers.

It was a thorough award process, which included a number of rounds of ‘judges houses’ and lots of evidence of how our automation-first IT Managed Services deliver more than traditional managed service providers.

As part of the process, we were asked to put together a funny 2-minute video that demonstrates what we do and who we are in a non-traditional ‘brand video’!

As we do with every project and service we take on, we took this challenge extremely seriously and got to work on a video that would blow the judges away!

Next-level service delivery

The story behind the video focusses on one of the unique aspects of our service: our Tech Hubs.

This in-person service desk proposition is extremely popular with our customers and Tech Hubs are one of the many things that make us different.

Unlike many IT service providers, our talented service desk personnel are not tucked away in a back-office or in a remote call centre, miles from the heart of the customer’s business. Instead, we put our talented teams front and centre within our customers’ businesses. This means that our teams are highly visible and offer invaluable, walk-up tech support.

This highly personal service means end-users can speak directly to a friendly face, resulting in issues being resolved quickly and our end user Net Promotor Scores (NPS) consistently averaging +86, and frequently reaching +100! We’re immensely proud of these industry leading scores and the Tech Hubs are a vital part of the fantastic relationships we’ve built with our customers.

Automation that saves time, frees resources and delivers the best user experience

When we say Automation-first IT, this doesn’t mean that we don’t have the best people on the job! In the video, you’ll hear how we’re able to offer this fantastic in-person Tech Hub service by putting technology to work on the tasks that would otherwise keep our people from doing their best work. By automating mundane, repetitive tasks – such as password resets, employee onboarding processes, software deployments, and many more – our talented teams can deliver faster, more consistent IT services and have more time to focus on the things that end users need most.

As a business, everything we do is about delivering the best service to our customers. Our passion for identifying how we can harness the latest technology to improve our service and transform ways of working for our customers is what has driven our exponential growth in the last few years.

We’re incredibly proud of our Tech Hub teams and the commitment they make to delivering the best customer experiences. We’re delighted to be able to offer such a personal and user-centric service to customers, and we’re excited to see what the future holds as automation enables us to continue to evolve at pace.

We’re proudly displaying our glassware!

We dusted off our glad-rags, after two years in the cupboard, donned our orange bow-ties and showed everyone how we like to party at the SDI Awards ceremony!

The team photo at the awards

We were delighted to take home some glassware and it was amazing to see our video on the large screen at the event. So, check out our Academy Award worthy video which demonstrates what we mean when we say, “We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we are very serious about what we do!”  

Finalist's Award

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