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At Spherica, we know that people are at the centre of any real business transformation. That’s why we are committed to user-centric solutions that empower your IT teams, rather than compete with them.

We are all about making our size your strength. With our uniquely agile business structure, we can shape our services to suit your needs. Whether you need complete IT leadership, or for your team to be able to scale up during moments of crisis, we are devoted to delivering efficient, technically excellent IT solutions to our customers 24 hours a day.

Plus, by favouring a close-knit team of employees, we are uniquely able to cut through the setbacks of red tape, experiment with emerging tools and technologies, and ensure that our customers’ IT is never handled by someone that doesn’t know their business – and its objectives – inside out.


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We understand the frustrations that come with IT all too well – in fact, it’s out of these very frustrations that Spherica was born. We’ve seen too many capable businesses wronged by IT service providers that pay lip service to the concept of customer care. At Spherica, our concern is you, the customer – not revenue growth and share prices.

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It’s always good to put a name to a face – especially when you work as closely with customers as we do. The sooner we get to know each other, the sooner we can support you in achieving true IT excellence. Meet the people eager to make an impact on your IT.

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Truly user-centric IT is IT that caters to all tastes. By working in partnership with a select network of vendors and distributors, Spherica offers a selection of high-end IT solutions broad enough to suit all modes of working.

Whether you need watertight security for your data assets or mobility management across a wealth of channels and devices, our partner access will push the boundaries of what your business can do digitally with a product roadmap tailored to fit your individual requirements.

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“Spherica are technically excellent and have a fantastic work ethic. We don’t see a Spherica badge – we see an extension of our IT team.”

Dean Underwood, Head of IT Services, Virgin Trains Head of IT Services, Virgin Trains


“With their thoroughness in making technical recommendations, genuine ownership of projects and refreshing levels of responsiveness, Spherica have really impressed us.”

Neil Hodge, IT Director, McColls IT Director, McColls


“Spherica played a big part in the success of the whole project, doing exactly what we asked of them and making a major contribution to help it to go so smoothly.”

Simon Wheway, Infrastructure Services Manager, The West Brom Infrastructure Services Manager, The West Brom


“We wanted someone to take a cold, hard look at our organisation and use their expertise to guide us. Spherica carefully tailored the project to our specific requirements and delivered a robust strategy that made a huge difference to our service.”

Mat Milsom, Managing Director, Wales Millennium Centre


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