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We don’t take ourselves too seriously,
but we are serious about what we do

Spherica was conceived out of the personal and professional frustration of its present directors. A frustration developed over many years of working in the IT industry with companies that paid lip service to the concept of customer care while being obsessed with revenue growth and slaves to their share price. We are proud to have created a culture where good people thrive. It’s evidenced by an outstanding work ethic which sees us take genuine pride in seeing our customers succeed through the practical application of technology.

We never stand still and believe there’s always room for improvement. We are brave enough to set and accept challenging targets, we are confident in our ability to achieve them and thrive on surpassing the expectations of our customers.

We are a highly inquisitive and naturally curious organisation. It means we always want to learn and need to possess more than ‘just enough’ knowledge to get by. We thrive on building partnerships with our customers and get a sense of reward from providing clear advice in an industry which changes at a rapid pace.

We understand that whilst IT is our passion, it might not be yours! That’s OK. We can take the most complex technology and explain the impact and benefits it can have to your business in a clear, non-patronising manner. We are an approachable, friendly team and take pride in the philosophy that ‘your business is our business’.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we are absolutely serious about delivering an exceptional service to all of our customers.

  • Strategy

    A strong IT strategy is the driving force behind every successful business. Unleash the full potential of your business with our IT strategy services.

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  • Build

    We build more than your IT infrastructure, we build business-changing user experiences that bring the best out of your workforce.

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  • Run

    Our IT support services are designed to protect your business and its data assets against the risks of today’s digital landscape, while minimising outages and system downtime.

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Our passion for Smart IT means that we focus on those key disciplines that underpin the modern IT infrastructure and enhance the end-user experience.

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